1. All tattoos entered into the contest must be started/finished at the Convention area. There is an obligation to finish tattoo piece during Convention. Finished/healed tattoos can be registered into a different category. And Tattoo artists cannot make touch up to healed tattoos, no exceptions.
  2. Tattoo models must be present during registration.
  3. All tattoos entered into the contests must be performed by artists in attendance at the convention
  4. Artists can register in each category with only  1  tattoo.
  5. A single tattoo cannot be registered in different categories at the same time.  (Except Best of Day & Best of Show categories)
  6. Healed tattoos can be registered into the only Healed Tattoo category.
  7. Both the tattoo artist and the collector must be present to receive their trophies. Awarded artist cannot leave Convention area till reward delivery.
  8. Photographers from multiple tattoo and life-style magazines will be present to photograph contest winners and participants. Istanbul Tattoo Convention reserves the right to publish these photographs for promotional and for documentation purposes. All artists comfirm this in advance.
  9. If the number of applications to the competition categories is below 5, the category will be canceled. It is important to apply online.
  1. Any tattoo found not to be following the rules will be disqualified at the line by Official Judge on-stage.
  2. Any artists found exploiting the rules or loopholes will be disqualified.
Competition Categories
You can apply in the category that suits you from the following 18 competitions.

Best of Show

Best of Small

Dotwork –  Linework

Old School

Color Portrait

Black & Gray Portrait

Cover Up


Ornamental – Geometric

Black & Gray


Personal Style

New School


Tattoo Queen

Best of Day

Healed Color

Healed Black & Gray